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SQF 8.1

Ubbelea has recently been approved SQF Certified 8.1, level 2 by GFTC. The system is a food safety management system that Identifies where hazards might occur in the food production process, and puts into place stringent actions to prevent the hazards from occurring. The program strictly monitors and controls critical steps of the process to reduce the likelihood that hazards will occur. Good Manufacturing Processes, also known as prerequisite programs, are the foundation of our HACCP/SQF program. FSEP (CFIA's food safety program) lists 7 prerequisite programs:

Premises, Equipment, Personnel, Sanitation and Pest Control, Recall, Transportation, Purchasing, Receiving, Shipping and Storage, Operational Prerequisite Programs. SQF also includes such things like Business continuity, Food Security/Fraud etc.

Ubbelea Mushroom Farms have been following HACCP Guidelines since 1994, and effective Dec 2017, are following a SQF/HACCP based System. A copy of our certificate is available here.



3rd Party Audits are performed each year here at Ubbelea, to the SQF Code.

The Audit companies we use at Ubbelea are Globally recognized for their Food Safety audits and standards. GFTC- Links to their web site can be found at the bottom of our home Page.

Ubbelea are continuing to evolve forward, our Food Safety Program to ensure our customers get the highest food safe quality product available. Our Audits are available to prequalified customers upon request

Micro Analysis

Micro Analysis

Micro Analysis is performed by 3rd party labs such as Maxxam on finished product several times per year. We also have an extensive equipment swabbing program in place that allows us to monitor the effectiveness of our Sanitation program.

This analysis allows us to monitor the levels of acceptable bacteria, and any other pathogens etc. Without Micro analysis we have no way of monitoring if our food safety program is effective.

These results are available for viewing to pre qualified customers upon request.

Abell Pest Control

Pest Control

Abell Pest Control monitors everything in and outside the premises 2 times per month.

Everything is documented in our HACCP program which is available for viewing to pre qualified customers upon request.

Recall Program

Recall Program

In the event of a product recall, Ubbelea have a program in place that is tested annually to ensure we are prepared to notify our customers within a 2 hours period if they possibly have contaminated product.

We are able to trace based on our tracking system where product came from, and what customer it was shipped to. We are however, happy to say, Ubbelea Mushroom Farms has not had a recall in the history of the company since its inception in 1969.

Temperature Controlled Packaging

Temperature Controlled

As another part of our HACCP program, all temperatures are controlled and monitored from the Raw material coming into the plant to the finished product reaching the customers warehouse.

Mushrooms like a cold temperature, 34-38 degrees F. Mushrooms also do not like temperature fluctuations, and shelf life will be lost if not properly stored at the right temperature.

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