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Ubbelea Mushrooms farm has spent 47 years developing top quality, fresh sliced, quick blanched and whole mushrooms for Pizzeria's, Restaurants, Food Service processors. Established in 1969 by Cornelis Ubbels, it became a limited company in 1974 owned and operated by Cornelis, Johanna and Richard Ubbels.

To this day it remains a 100% family owned business. Cornelis was originally from Holland, who are experts with growing Mushrooms. Although Cornelis has retired from the family business you still see him now and again working in the plant.

To this day we at Ubbelea continue to work under the same thought process, and still hold some accounts that started with us in the early 70's. Fast forwarding to the new generation food safety is the integral part of day to day operations and is always top priority at Ubbelea.

Mission Statement

"As President of Ubbelea Mushroom Farms I would like to thank you for visiting our website. We at Ubbelea strive for excellence in all our mushroom products. Starting with food safety, a commitment from all personnel at Ubbelea to continually strive for excellence in achieving new standards in our HACCP program."

"Ubbelea is now SQF Certified 8.0 Our staff work efficiently to produce the safest and best products for all our customers. The philosophy in which we use today started with my father Cornelis in 1969. If you consistently provide customers with the highest quality product along with superior service every time and fair pricing, your customers will stay loyal."

"Ubbelea Mushroom Farms endeavours to be a leader in developing new products while exceeding in the area of food safety and continuing to produce the highest quality products."

Management Staff

Richard Ubbels

Richard Ubbels

Richard has been in the mushroom industry for 31 years. Richard's experience has been in all aspects of the mushroom industry. From growing, to production personnel, to production supervisor, to manager of operations, to HACCP development Co-ordinator, to Vice President, and finally to President.

Robert Horniblow

Robert Horniblow
V.P. Sales/HACCP Coordinator

Robert has been in the foodservice industry for over 30 years, and selling Ubbelea products for over 25 of those years.
Robert has gained a great deal of industry knowledge through working at each level in the food service industry, whether it be at distribution, Broker, Restaurant level or manufacturing. As V.P. of sales, Robert is key partner to the growth of Ubbelea, and is working closely with our customer base to address their needs, and present new products to our existing and new potential customers. Robert has taken the applicable courses and is now the SQF Practitioner for Ubbelea. Ubbelea have recently been certified SQF level 8.0.

Kimberley Grasser

Kimberley Grasser
Production Manager

Kim has been working in the foodservice industry (primarily produce) for over 10  years.

She brings excellent management skills to the table,  and is instrumental in helping Ubbelea achieve the high level of food safety and quality that our customers look for.
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