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Unique Mushroom Packaging

  • Mushroom Pails
  • Tamper Evident Seal
  • 100 Percent Yield
  • Recycle
  • Custom packs
Mushroom Pails

Mushroom Pails

At Ubbelea we pack in plastic recyclable pails. The pails have been used at Ubbelea since 1969, and in our opinion, they are far superior to the traditional box in the market place. Lets not forget the food safety advantages of the pail vs. the box which is open to its outside environment.

Click on our Product tab under Shelf Life Test, to view the 10 day comparison on shelf life for the box vs. the pail

Tamper Evident Seal Packaging

Tamper Evident Seal

All pails are equipped with a tamper evident seal, which ensures optimum food security and seal.

100 Percent Yield

The pails hold the moisture in where the box sucks the moisture out of the mushrooms over its shelf life resulting in significant yield loss. Our 10 days comparison that was performed on sliced mushrooms in a pail vs. a box resulted in no yield loss on the pails vs. a 15% yield loss on the box. This adds up to lost revenue for you!

All product in the pail is usable. We sift out the fines (small bits) using a screen to ensure you get nice uniform slices.

For more info on this test, please contact:

Nick Badame 647-668-6640
E: nickb@freshprosales.com

Package Recycling


Some of our customers prefer to return and reuse their pails from Ubbelea. In this case Ubbelea provided a bin that the customers warehouse where they can store the used pails. Ubbelea will pick up next delivery. Aside from the pails Ubbelea have taken other initiatives to help cut down waste and recycle everything possible.

Custom Mushroom Packs

Custom Mushroom Packs

For your customized needs we offer a wide variety of packaging solutions, from small packs to large bulk packs.

For more info on this test, please contac:

Nick Badame 647-668-6640
E: nickb@freshprosales.com

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